natural materials

Natural Materials

Shifman uses cotton as the primary upholstery material. Cotton is natural and breathable.

two-sided mattress

Two-Sided Mattress

Maintains an even surface and provides long-lasting comfort.


Hand-Tufted Mattress

A true hand tuft allows more material, and locks it in place to prevent shifting and bunching.

8-way hand tied

8-Way Hand-tied Boxspring

Hourglass-shaped upholstery coils, tied by hand 8-ways with Italian twine, provide supreme comfort and support.

five stars

The World’s Finest, Most Comfortable Mattress.

five stars

Our mission is to craft the finest handmade, luxury mattresses in the world using natural materials and partner with quality home furnishings retailers to improve sleeping comfort, overall health and well-being for their customers.

Shifman Mattress Company is built on a solid foundation of integrity, true craftsmanship and dedication. Shifman Mattress’s hardworking craftspeople dedicate their working hours and professional lives to something larger than themselves – building the world’s finest handmade, high-quality mattresses and box springs. For generations, our people have built a life around the mattress industry, discovering new elements of comfort for our lifelong customers. Our artisans truly take pride in their work because on the other end of their commitment is a mother who can wake up without the constant back pain or a child that can finally fall soundly asleep. Each one of our 50 artisans has a personal hand in making each one of our quality mattress sets something truly special – a Shifman.


  • My Shifman Mattress set is the most comfortable that I have ever slept on. I have a history of back surgeries and I have found my Shifman to be the most comfortable over other mattresses I have tried.

    Sara M.
  • I have never been so impressed with a company and their products! Quality and craftsmanship at its best!

    Kelly W.
  • OH MY GOD! I do love this new bed. What a piece of junk my “Serta Perfect Sleeper” was. I’ve noticed the internet is all lit up over how defective that bed is. But, Oh, I am so grateful because it has driven me to meet my God of beds…Shifman. I got it Friday and ended up with the flu on Saturday. I was almost glad because I got to stay in that wonderful bed for a couple of days. I’m sleeping better and better each night. No more aches and pains in my back. I actually feel 20 years younger.

    I’m plotting how to talk my husband into buying new mattresses for all the beds in the house (Fat chance. At least I have mine).

    Thanks for your help!

    Susan S.
  • I have been a Shifman customer for many years now and I absolutely LOVE my mattress. When my old mattress needed to be replaced, I tried the ‘common’ companies, only to find them sinking and falling apart after six months. I had to deal with the attitude of these companies and fight for a replacement. The replacement turned out even worse (and it was more money). My friend knew what was happening and gave me the newspaper cutout from one of our local stores. My husband and I went there the next day. We bought the most luxurious mattress you make and impatiently waited for delivery.

    It has been over six years now and that mattress is in the same condition it was when it was delivered. It is comfortable, it breathes, it feels good in the summer and winter and it can be flipped in four directions (unlike the junk they make now).

    Today, my mother will be shopping for her first Shifman and I am proud to have recommended it to her. It takes courage and integrity to own, run and work in a company like yours. It takes good old fashioned values to make a product that is quality from start to finish. It also takes a different kind of person to not change a thing for the almighty dollar. You are one of a kind and it is comforting to see that. Know that what you do is truly letting folks sleep well at night. Thanks for the sweet dreams.

    Liz S.
  • We recently purchased a Shifman mattress and we were so impressed with its quality and comfort that I was compelled to let you know that you make a product unmatched by other makers. We were lucky enough to test one of your mattresses and the initial feeling of comfort was enough to take it home. We have already enjoyed sleeping on it and look forward to many years of restful sleep! PLEASE keep up the good work and pass along our heartfelt thanks to your craftsmen. Thanks again!

    Mark M.

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