Which Sleeping Position is the Healthiest?

Most adults have a preferred sleeping position, something that feels most comfortable, relaxing, or cozy to them. But nearly half of Americans aren’t getting the amount of sleep their bodies need due to nighttime aches and restlessness. That means that those comfortable sleeping positions might not be the healthiest for you. But is there a single sleeping position that’s healthiest for everyone? The answer is surprisingly straightforward.

Do Herbal Sleep Aids Really Work?

We all know how challenging it can be to fall asleep at times. Stress, health conditions, anxiety, too much caffeine, and countless other factors can keep us tossing at turning late into the night. Many of those with irregular insomnia don’t want to ask for a prescription sleep aid, and those who do have prescriptions find that they come with unpleasant side effects like nightmares or grogginess the next day. In the last ten years, the herbal sleep aid market has grown significantly, and more Americans than ever are taking vitamins and supplements that claim to improve sleep quality and make falling asleep easier. But do these herbal remedies really work? Are they safe? We examine three of the most common options below.

Couple waking up with aches and pains

Your Mattress is Tired: How to Know When It’s Time to Replace

Many of us know the pain of an uncomfortable mattress, sometimes without even realizing it. You start tossing and turning more often and wake up with aches and pains. You might not feel as refreshed after eight hours of sleep as you once did. A common myth in the industry is that mattresses should only be replaced every eight years. However, this isn’t true at all. A high-quality mattress can last for decades, and a cheap, poorly-made mattress can last for as little as a year or two. So how do you really know when it’s time to replace a mattress?

How Sleep Affects Your Immune System

Have you ever wondered why you seem to get sick more often than others? There are many different variables, but sleep plays a bigger role than most of us expect. Your body works hard every day to maintain itself, and when it doesn’t get necessary rest, it fails to work at its optimal level. As a result, your immune system can slow down, leaving you more susceptible to illness and reducing your recovery time.

Shifman Cezanne Mattress

The Benefits of a Double-Sided Mattress

Today, very few companies continue to manufacture double sided mattresses. Why? Because mainstream companies realized that they could make a bigger profit on single-sided mattresses made with low quality components that break down after just a few years. So why do we at Shifman continue to produce handmade double-sided mattresses? We understand the real benefits for our customers, and our commitment to providing them with lasting value is the most important factor in our decision-making. Keep reading to learn about the benefits you can experience by choosing a double-sided mattress.

Is a Weighted Blanket Right for You?

Sleep is one of the most basic functions of life, and it seems like it should be simple enough. You close your eyes for a while, and it seems to just happen, right? Unfortunately, many people know that sleep can become a serious challenge that affects every aspect of their lives. It’s just not as simple as they’d like it to be. Between chemical imbalances, physical discomfort, and anxiety, virtually anything can affect your sleep. So for those of you who are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep without medication, a weighted blanket could be the right choice.

Not All Mattresses Are Created Equally

In today’s world, getting a good night’s sleep is far from guaranteed, but achieving as much of it as possible is a great way to keep yourself feeling healthy, happy, and productive. However, it can be easy to choose a bargain mattress on a whim without considering what those savings really cost.