Proven Results

For over 100 years, Shifman Mattress Company has been committed to providing superior craftsmanship, lasting comfort and value. A nationally accredited independent testing lab found that a Shifman handmade mattress did not lose firmness over a simulated ten year period.* Shifman is proud to offer you a mattress of exceptional quality and comfort that will last for many years to come.

Shifman mattresses are measurably different than the five leading competitors.

* Results were based on a Hexagonal Roller Test (“Test”) conducted in October 2011 by a nationally accredited independent testing lab in accordance with ASTM International testing procedures. The Shifman mattress was tested against comparably priced, firm, non-pillow top mattresses of five leading competitors. The Test detects percentage change in firmness in the tested mattresses resulting from conditions simulating ten years of use. The Test was not conducted over an actual ten year period. The percentage changed reflected in the graph for all of the tested mattresses are averages based upon test results of various deflection levels during each of the Test cycles.

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